Smartfix User Guide for Station Managers

Smartfix User Guide for Station Managers
1. Using the Smartfix system on the website
1.1 Login to the system with a password that can be requested through the Call center Empire Service Solution Company Limited.
1.2 The system repair notification will show the device type as shown in the picture, then select the type of device to be notified of repair.
1.3 The system will display the installed devices. They are sorted by S/N and device model. If there is no S/N and device model, click on "
1.4 The system will show device problems. Then select the problem to report for repair.
1.5 Attach a picture of the problem (minimum 2 images) and add a name for the repair notice. Then add the details of the repair. and press confirm to inform the repair
1.6 List of repair notices
- Check the status of repair work
- Check the details of the repair work.
- cancel the repair
1.7 History of repair notification
- Show work history only 'Done' status.
- Check the details of the repair work.
- Assessing contractors


2. Using the Smartfix system on the Application
2.1 Download Application Smartfix from Google Play or Appstore.
2.2 Login to the system and select the device group to report for repair
2.3 Select the installed assets by looking at the S/N and model, then select the faulty device.
2.4 Make a selection of bad symptoms Then add the relevant breakdown details along with the name of the notifier.
2.5 Attach an illustration of the repair notice Then check the repair notification and press submit.
2.6 List of repair notices and other items
- Follow up on the situation
- cancel the repair notification
- User settings
- Set the language
- Basic User Manual



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14 July 2017